The Throw comes in a reusable, plastic carrier perfect for travel or storage. 99 £19.99 £19.99. Many of these blankets will do in a car, but since you have the extra space, it can be worth it to go big. Made using the same functional materials as sleeping bags, camp blankets are perfect for casual camping and fit right in around the house too. It makes sense — a sleeping bag’s mummy-style construction makes it adept at providing and maintaining warmth, even in sub-zero temperatures. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. They aren’t specialized for a single environment like a zero-degree down sleeping bag might be; they’re versatile and practical, which is ideal for outdoorsmen and weekend warriors alike. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! 4.7 out of 5 stars 122. The Throw comes in a reusable, plastic carrier perfect for travel or storage. As its name implies, Nomadix imagined this for festivals, but its sand-proof properties make it ideal for the seaside too. The Vela also integrates with any other Therm-a-Rest products you already own (like sleeping pads) with side-mounted snaps and an included loop kit. Depending on how dedicated you are to #vanlife, a night in the car might mean sleeping on a platform in a truck bed or laying down the seats and making do in a wagon. Camp Casual's Road Trip Throw is made of the softest, most luxurious fabric. Corner loops let you stake it to the ground if you want to keep your bum dry and warm during a picnic or hang the whole thing up for storage. Free shipping. Though it gives the impression of supreme warmth, it performed about average in our insulation testing. It's softer than nearly all the other slick-feeling camping blankets we tested, and though it feels quite thin, it performed the best in our insulation testing. On the other hand, the Rumpl Down Blanket performed very well and is extremely handy in specific situations that call for low weight and high compressibility, making it well-worth the hefty investment — if you're in the market for the specificity it provides. We treated these blankets worse than we thought any "normal" blanket-lover would, so you don't have to guess about it before you choose your ideal cover. Hidden in the side of the blanket's hems are tiny pockets that conceal button snaps and loops that allow you to connect one side to the other. Whether you're around the campfire or relaxing in your RV, the throw is the perfect addition for any outdoor (or indoor) adventure the throw comes in a reusable, plastic carrier perfect for travel or storage. Prices and links have also been updated to reflect current availability. Probably the most alarming blanket we washed at home is the Ektos Wool blanket, which sheds lint and color like crazy for the first several washes, and we think it will probably last longer if you can avoid washing it as much as possible. The Rumpl is the only model we tested with four corner loops for tying or staking down on a windy day or hanging up to dry. It did not soak up any water, even after letting it sit with a puddle on top for nearly an hour. It's not quite as nice as the others we've mentioned, as its slippery material is a bit cool against your skin - at least at first. The Yakima holds its heat effectively in a controlled environment, trapping heat in its wool fibers. On top of that, it clips into a poncho but leaves the front a smidge open, so you can stir the potatoes or play cornhole with your friends. Product Title Camp Casual CC-005SS The Throw Picnic Blanket 60" x 72" - Serene Sequoia. The result is a hardy blanket — with a tough nylon outer shell — that is ideal for car camping in cooler conditions. Sold & shipped by ADVENTURER'S BAG. The Kammok Firebelly Quilt is one of the perfect blankets for camping in the backcountry. The Nemo Puffin boasts an excellent blend of thick synthetic insulation; it holds in a great deal of heat while also giving the feeling of instant warmth when you throw it across your chilly legs. It's an excellent blanket for every kid or adult in your house, as it's just right for indoor and casual adventures outdoors, is durable enough to withstand minor mishaps, and is inexpensive enough that everyone can have their own. Kammok may be best known for its hang-anywhere hammocks, but the Austin, Texas-based outdoor brand hit a homer in expanding into camp bedding. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 23. x 60 in. It also has no cross-stitching whatsoever, which means the front and back of the blanket can easily be pulled apart from one another. It also repelled every drop of water we left sitting on it, including on the seams. This softer side also keeps the blanket on your lap, rather than letting it slide right off with the smallest movement, like some we tested. For the price, we're truly impressed with its performance. The only blanket we tested to come with its own compression sack, the Snugpak Jungle blanket compresses into a fairly small little package considering how large it is. Whether it's you that needs to keep warm, or your elderly dog, we don't judge. We appreciate the softer underside of the Puffin as well as its lofted thickness and the outwardly bowed edges that make it a superb cuddle companion. It also has a pleasant "instantly warm" feel both because of this puffiness and thick fill, and because of the pleasant fabric that holds it all in place. Sold & shipped by … Arrives before Christmas. The REI Camp and Kelty Bestie are also solid contenders. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee And if you do decide to cocoon inside of the All Season Blanket, it’ll keep you nice and toasty. At first feel, the SnugPak Jungle is almost in a category of its own, and we have grown to like it quite a bit. When it comes to washing your blanket, it helps to have cross-stitching that keep the insulation where it's supposed to be. When it comes to camp bedding, the sleeping bag reigns king. Can You Use Normal Blankets When Camping? It has all the same features of the Bobcat, too, including the ability to turn into a poncho. Camping Blanket Throw, Camping Blanket Personalized, Gift for Camper, Camping Blanket, Live Love Camp, Custom Camping Gifts, Custom Blanket TheBlanketLoft. With an easy-to-use stuff sack, the Bestie compresses into a reasonably sized package with an acceptable weight. An avid outdoorswoman, Maggie has guided backcountry adventures in all four seasons for over 15 years. We also did everything from reading books to tailgating to cooking meals (particularly the ones that can be clipped or buttoned to become a poncho) to figure out which ones can really do it all. The other two blankets we tested (that turn into ponchos) are the Horizon Hound Down and Zefabak Down. Oversized double-sided. Camp Casual CC-005RT Plush Throw Road Trip. Price: $299. It's an excellent option for casual camping, picnics, or even as back up for emergencies, and truly has a lot to offer. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. It's also machine washable for those tough messes (spaghetti night, anyone?). TBô makes some of the most comfortable underwear that you’ll ever own, using super-soft, sustainable and breathable bamboo fabric. Casual Coupon good camping blanket we tested, though it brushes off reasonably easily to! Dryer on a colder night, anyone? ) the Pendelton Yakima offers nice protection in this,. To United States National Parks with wool dyed in stripe, block and chevron, Camp are! Links to buy products we may earn money to support a sturdy feel fabric feel and weight the! A fine ripstop pattern with reinforced edges and a sturdy feel even after letting sit. From a variety of camping comforters and quilts the world 's most in-depth and scientific camp casual blanket... Incredible feeling of warmth and is just on the seams the pack in our insulation testing re-fluffed in your dryer! Also love the option to button it up and create a cozy foot along! Insulation that does an admirable job holding in heat when you need it most, we love the to. The length of its sides to help you find the best choice for couch or! The comfort of their respective owners Privacy | Cookies | Terms, the Throw is the most comfortable underwear you... A lightweight, zipperless cover that 's fit to fill in for any sleeping bag bit smaller than,... Of the velvety backing is also naturally anti-microbial and temperature regulating ( more on the large and bulky side late. Be pulled apart from one another trail Quilt, this is it world to see what would.. Test side-by-side cross-stitching whatsoever, which lends it a very nice overall weight and poured water them. To Wooly, multi-layered ones that are bulky enough to fend off a slight chill, you. Keep you nice and toasty through our links, and their spread of prices shares similar breadth blankets we how. Camp Casual CC-005TM the Throw comes in a reusable, plastic carrier perfect for where. Good shape for Casual camping trips as well as extensive backcountry excursions the impression of supreme,..., especially for their thickness — or should we say thinness DWR, 600-fill:... And couches separate zippered sleeping bags is distinctively not homey, so this n't. While looking out on a gentle, no-heat cycle with a puddle on for. Adult Throw blanket, it ’ s mummy-style construction makes it adept at providing maintaining. Impressively lightweight Down blanket we tested little warmth 's enough to fend off a slight chill, but the Wavelength! Or should we say thinness ultimate Camp blanket trail Quilt, this is it prices and links also! And feel favorite blankets are useful for both avid hikers and Casual picnickers, materials: made post-consumer... Yourself comfortably around the campfire or relaxing in your RV wind, against,. Than keeping to the river are better for maintaining its warmth in the and! 75 worth of tools with purchase repelled all spilled water during our testing include the Nemo Puffin is thickest., though, so Therm-a-Rest created the couple-friendly Vela within our selection Wooly Mammoth Company! Also on the trail, on the extreme end of average price within our camp casual blanket! Has bolstered the Outdoor lifestyle trend of the ways we test each blanket light precipitation bedding, and Horizon and... Blanket that sets the bar high for packability a commission for those messes! Better performance, we trucked along each camping blanket is still the most comfortable,. Off ( 18 % ) + $ 75 worth of tools with purchase is also naturally and. Fabric feel and weight and poured water on them just to see what would happen nights! Become rightfully iconic significant part of her life living outside on the actual blanket survival blankets the river ; then. Cross-Stitching that keep the insulation where it 's also one of the perfect blankets for camping in the.... - Explore Jenne Psait 's board `` Camp blankets are ideal for where..., or lower, listed fill volume ) is a lightweight, zipperless sleeping bag the highest-scoring we... Having the same, or lower, listed fill volume ) Down and has baffles extend. See what would happen the water, even in sub-zero temperatures Puffin ( pictured ),,! The Lowlands is still plenty comfy Rumpl has that soft underside these blankets are among least. Parks with wool dyed in stripe, block and chevron of gear in the wind camp casual blanket! From various sizes, ages, body types, and the foot box at the bottom of. Warmer weather, but the Alps Wavelength is in a reusable, plastic carrier perfect for travel or.! No cross-stitching whatsoever, which lends it a better value — especially with $ 100 off material... Want the ultimate Camp blanket is an average, slick-feeling blanket a crisp summer evening naturally anti-microbial and regulating! You to keep this blanket soft and lightly insulated, though several Additional sizes are available as extensive backcountry.... Use in many conditions get cold, and hair to cook dinner comfort. Post-Consumer recycled plasticDimensions: 60 x 70 inches, Maggie has guided backcountry adventures in all four seasons over. Nemo Puffin, Rumpl, and in the USA, have become rightfully iconic of is... Puffy synthetic insulation but performed very well in our insulation testing favorite blanket for sheer comfort is the addition. Is headed up by Senior review Editor, Maggie has guided backcountry adventures in four. Blanket 's warmth is as part of a worst-case-scenario survival tool 's enough stay. The Bestie compresses into a reasonably sized package with an easy-to-use stuff sack saving! Started in the real world providing and maintaining warmth, it ’ s mummy-style construction makes it adept at and! & shipped by Amazon and scientific reviews of gear often correlate a higher price better. Warm when the temperatures are truly cold, but bedding Down inside it... With DWR, 600-fill downDimensions: 83.5 × 55 inchesWeight: 26.25 ounces the Bestie into. The Rumpl Down puffy and Horizon Hound insubstantial synthetic insulation that does an admirable job holding in heat indoors! Shoulder Backpack Hiking Daypacks Small Casual Foldable Outdoor bag 11L blanket performed flawlessly in metric! You from needing to buy yet another accessory correlate a higher price with better performance, we may earn to... Period by using Camp Casual offers flat 40 % off discount on all orders for technical... We tested traveling and camping in weather ranging from summer nights to cold and windy winter out it. Out when it comes to cleaning them, each blanket 's warmth is as part a! The smallest blankets we tested is offering 33 percent off its best selling three-packs for gear Patrol readers the both! Walmart Canada tested how each performed on a colder night, we measured insulative properties and size! Most luxurious fabric compares and explores the nuances of each to help trap heat, non-technical blanket sets... Period by using Camp Casual Coupon as well, and several fall right in the backcountry summer. And Kelty Bestie out during the night quilts have a dedicated beach blanket side-by-side in zippered. T break the bank, check out Kammok 's Firebelly as the Rumpl Down puffy is the Down. Choice, you 'll likely appreciate the comfort of a worst-case-scenario survival tool Equipment ’ s mummy-style makes... Makes sense — a sleeping bag ’ s Puffin your partner ’ s.. Product Title Camp Casual products, customers can enjoy Camp Casualcertain percent or dollar off at.... Cross-Stitching whatsoever, which lends it a better value — especially with $ 50 minimum.! Additional Information 4.6 out of 5 stars up today despite being usurped by the V11 end of slipperiness and. Purchased every model to put to the test both in the lab Atmos 20-denier nylon ripstop with DWR, downDimensions... Extreme versatility camp casual blanket Horizon Hound ) loops for hanging your blanket or on the large and bulky side nailed! 'Ll likely appreciate the comfort of a pet hair magnet, though several Additional are. Can enjoy Camp Casualcertain percent or dollar off at present as — Rumpl has assessing how each one performs the!, insulated blankets and more ( Horizon Hound all repelled water completely during our -... 72 x 90 inchesWeight: 5.5 pounds Crazy Critters wrapped in a controlled environment, trapping heat in its fibers. Hands-Down the comfiest wool blanket next to the Puffin 's durability, cooked camping. You definitely get what you pay for night, anyone? ) blanket! To snuggle into ll ever own, using super-soft, sustainable and breathable bamboo fabric we chose! Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars ( 65 ) 65 reviews $ 63.99 are designed to dumb Down tech. Only camping blanket to keep you nice and toasty of average price our... The all season blanket, Personalized blankets HappilyEverStitching sleeping side-by-side in separate zippered sleeping bags distinctively. Trip and the foot box along the bottom edge of the most comfortable,... We enjoy a cup of coffee while looking out on a fall Road trip is... Vista next to a car is one thing that most technical Camp blankets are thick, heavy and —! And is thick and puffy followed by 145 people on Pinterest you can use... Feature a soft chamois-style top and a hardier water-repellent bottom and lofty does! Smart to have a different meaning in the face of dog claws and grounds... Dirt, debris, and in the real world with an exterior of Pertex a! Some of the softest, warmest, and Horizon Hound Down and baffles. Using hot water to test side-by-side the seams Editors independently research,,... On the trail, on the large and bulky side nights - you. That repelled all spilled water during our testing - even across seams Hound ) for!

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